Welcome to MIS

Environmental and Sustainability Auditors in Sweden

Welcome to MIS – Environmental and Sustainability Auditors in Sweden 

MIS – “Environmental and Sustainability Auditors in Sweden” – is an interest group and a network comprising environmental auditors, lead auditors and others who wish to promote environmental auditing. MIS distributes information about environmental auditing and supports people who wish to train and educate themselves to become environmental auditors.

MIS works to develop environmental auditing through training, exchange of experience, guidelines and quality assurance. MIS aims to be the main discussion partner and reference body for environmental auditing issues. MIS develops and interprets requirements in ISO 19011. MIS members commit themselves to following the association’s ethical guidelines.

MIS was formed in 1991 and has around 230 members.
The association is financed through member fees and its activities depend upon voluntary member contribution in seminars, annual meetings, board work etc.

You can contact the Assosiation by sending a message by e-mail to